About Tri-State Parkinson’s Project

Our Mission

The mission of the Tri-State Parkinson’s Project is to improve the quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s and their care partners.

Our Commitments

  • We will raise money to fund research to help find a cure.
  • We will raise money to sponsor Parkinson’s awareness, education, and exercise programs.

Our Story

Marcia Guberman, Founder of Tri-State Parkinson's ProjectJuly 2013 changed my life. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I knew nothing about the disease nor did I know anyone with it. There were no local resources that I could find. The Parkinson’s Foundation, a national organization, held a week-long seminar in October of that year in The Berkshires of New York State. It drew over 100 people from around the United States, including another couple from northeastern PA, Jan and Rolland Grote. The seminar not only gave us knowledge about our disease, it empowered us to share what we had learned. For me, it gave me the idea of making my diagnosis count for something. Out of that idea, I approached my husband, Erwin, and then Jan and Rolland and asked if they would help launch a 5K to raise funds for research. Our goal of $10,000 seemed to be “pie in the sky.”

During that first year of organizing and finding sponsors and participants we learned that this is a disease hidden by many and understood by few. In these first four years, we raised and donated $22,000 in 2015, $30,000 in 2016, $40,000 in 2017, and $65,000 in 2018… $157,000 in all. A total of 1,057 runners and walkers have participated and attended our after party and resource fair thus far. We’ve raised awareness in the Tri-State area about the disease through articles in newspapers, magazines, and interviews on radio stations throughout the area. Parkinson’s-specific exercise programs have been brought to this tiny corner of three states. Support groups have developed and expanded. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has come to us to present Research Update programs twice in the past two years for the combined support groups and the general public. We no longer need to go to New York City for this information.

All of this has encouraged us to formalize our existence. We are now an official not-for-profit organization that has the ability to raise more funds through grants and corporate matching funds programs. We will be able to underwrite Parkinson’s-specific exercise and education programs. 

We are all proud of our contribution to the Tri-State region where June has been declared Parkinson’s Awareness month for the past four years. We’ve taken a terrible diagnosis and turned it into something powerful, good and no longer hidden. During this time huge strides have been made in the Parkinson’s Research world. I have to believe that we, in our small way, have helped to bring a cure closer to reality.

Still Shaking,
Marcia Guberman

Our Team

Board of Directors: 
President: Marcia Guberman
Secretary: Cindy Stine
Treasurer: Erwin Guberman
Director: Valerie Brairton
Director: Rolland Grote
Director: Dana Guberman
Director: Steve Guberman
Director: Eric Linde
Director: Susy West

Committee Chairs:
Fundraising: Erwin Guberman
Publicity: Mary Anne Monte
Social Media: Dana Taggart
Webmaster: Steve Guberman 

Committee Members:
Elizabeth Cotton
Wes DeGraw
Jeff Guberman
Rachel Wallins Guberman
Regina Hubbard
Anne Kozak
Julie Martin
Connie Nichols
Rick Nichols
Diane Stromberg
Ray Stromberg
Robert Taggart